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A show about sports. MMA/UFC, Boxing, Wrestling. With tons of interviews of Fighters, Athletes, Wrestlers and more. Hosted by The Voice of Champions Jim Cooley and BIG MF Matt Freeman. The guys talk About everything with a lean on MMA and Boxing.
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Apr 1, 2016
TLR #43 - Mark Hunt UFC

***Small Audio Issues This Episode***

Matt Roblez Fills In For BIG MF This Week. 

The Guys Discuss UFC 200. Wrestlemania And More!

Mark Hunt Fresh Off His KO Of Frank Mir Stops By!

Stan Redick And Andrew Stratos Of CFC Stop By.


Mar 24, 2016
TLR #42 - Eric Bischoff PART 2 - Shannon Ritch


The Guys Discuss Katt Williams, New York Legalizing MMA, UR Fight Results, Andre Ward, Hogan Winning $115 Million from Gawker and more!

It is Part 2 of Eric Bischoff and Shannon The Cannon Ritch Stops By Fresh Off His UR Fight Win on PPV! 

The MK Bandit talks Eric Bischoff in DWO And MOE!!!

RoRo Brings Us The Weekly KO!

Mar 17, 2016
TLR #41 - Eric Bischoff - Part 1

The guys discuss Mayhem Millers Latest Arrest, Rory MacDonald Becoming A Free Agent, The Presidential Race, UFC 200, WWE And More...

Former President Of WCW Eric Bischoff Stops In For A Candid Interview!

Former Indy Worker Outlaw JC Comes Into The Studio For His Opinions On Current State of Indy Wrestling and the CAC. 

Matt Roblez Is The Special Co Host This Week!

(Part 1 of 2)

Mar 11, 2016
TLR #40 - Ruthie Bolton - Olympian - WNBA

The guys discuss UFC 196, UFC 200 Possibilities, State of Bellator and much more. 

2x Olympic Gold Medalist Ruthie Bolton Stops By To Discuss Her Career and upcomign documentary on ESPN!

Roblez brings us the wrestling news and RoRo from MMASTALKER.COM Brins the weekly KO!

Mar 3, 2016
TLR #39 - The Godfather WWE HOF - Kelly McGill Invicta FC

This week the guys discuss the shooting of UFC Pioneer Mikey Burnett, Canelo vs. Kahn, The Hands Of Stone Duran Movie, Wandy signing to Bellator and more. 

First The Godfather stops by for a quick candid chat with Roblez, Freeman and Cooley. Discussing his recent announcement that he will be headed to the WWE Hall Of Fame 2016. 

"Killer" Kelly McGill of Invicta stops by to talk about her upcming fight in Invicta vs. Aspen Ladd. 

Feb 27, 2016
TLR #38 - B. Brian Blair - WWF AND MORE



This week we welcome back Matt Roblez to the TLR Cast. 

We discuss everything from Diaz vs Mcgregor to Shane Mcmahons return. 

B. Brian Blair of the Killer Bees and CAC Joins us with some great road stories. 

Greg Anthony the NWA National Champion is here. 

Phil Flathers owner and founder of the NO Limit FC Stops by as well! 

Tremendous show!

Feb 22, 2016
TLR #37 - Leslie Smith

The Guys Discuss The Bellator Debacle, Dada5000 Heart Failure, and more. 

UFC Fighter Leslie Smith Stops By The VOC Studios! 

Matt Roblez stops in for some Wrestling Talk and a debate on CTE Ensues!

Feb 11, 2016
TLR #36 Otis Griffin - Former World Boxing Champion

The guys discuss CM Punks injury, Diaz Vs. Pettis, Hendricks getting destroyed, Daniel Bryan Retires and more.. 

Later Otis Griffin Winner Of The Reality Show "The Next Great Champ" and former World Champion Drops By The VOC Studios For a Candid Look!

Matt Roblez The MK Bandit Gives  review Of Sunnys Porno!


Feb 6, 2016
TLR #35 - Peter Cards - Max


The guys Talk PEDs, Baseball Season Approaching, UFC, Bellator and more. 

Peter Cards Co-Host of "From Brooklyn To The World" Stops By. He is the Assistant Trainer and Best Friend of Paulie Malignaggi. He discusses his career and the upcoming bout between Amir Khan and Canelo Alvarez and more. 

Next it is West Coasts Fightings Welterweight Champ and UFC Prospect Max Griffin in studio to Discuss his recent 43 second KO of David "BUlletproof" Mitchell. He discusses how is next fight will only happen in the UFC. 

The Great Debate between Matt Freeman and Matthew Roblez takes place on wether or not Chris Benoit should be allowed in the WWE Hall of Fame!

Jan 26, 2016

The guys discuss an array of topics this week! Scotty Schwartz Stops by to weigh in on the Sunny Porn contract. 

Legendary Pro Wrestler Koko B. Ware talks about a ton of things including The Undertaker almost Breaking His Neck, The Rock refusing to return his phone calls, His Wrestlemania 3 Payday and more!

Jan 9, 2016
TLR #33 - Road Warrior Animal - Legion Of Doom - Joe Laurinaitas

The guys discuss Julianna Pena being arrested on Assault, who will get the shot against Holly Holm, Michael McDonalds Sub of the Night, The state of judging in MMA and Joe Rogan. 

Later Animal/Joe Laurinaitis Stops by for a chat about his career, Hulk Hogan, Japan, Racism, Bouncing in Bars, Eddie Sharkey and his new company out of Las Vegas!

Ro Ro from MMA STALKER stops by with the weekly knockout!

Jan 4, 2016
TLR #32 - THE YEAR IN REVIEW - BabyDoll, Mike McGuirk AND MORE

Matt Freeman, Matthew Roblez and Jim Cooley bring you the greatest moments of 2015!

Mike McGuirk Hosts Wrestling Trivia between Matt and Matt!

BabyDoll the Perfect 10 counts down the networks top moments of 2015.

New Years Resolutions from celebrities.

The guys discuss the upcoming year. Lost of special guests including Osric Pratt from OPP Boxing, Angela Means of Friday (Felicia), Tonya Evinger and MORE!

Dec 18, 2015
TLR #31 - Paulie Malignaggi - Boxer - Tony Lopez

The guys discuss weight cuts, referee stoppages, Herb Dean, UFC 194, Boxing and more. 

Tony " The Tiger" Lopez - 3 time world champ and Sacramento, CA Mayoral Candidate stops by the studio. 

Later Paulie " The Magic Man" Malignaggi The current EBU - EU Welterweight Champion stops by for a chat.

Dec 14, 2015
TLR #30 - GLOW Night - Dallas and Roxy Astor

The guys discuss The white house refusing to intervene on Nick Diaz' Behalf, Rousey vs. Holm rematch, and various other subjects. 

Later Dallas ( Debi Pelletier) of GLOW and AWA stops by. We are also joined by Roxy Astor. Both women are Candid about their time in GLOW and various other ventures. 

RoRo from MMASTALKER brings us all the MMA News. 


Dec 4, 2015
TLR #29 - Mike Pierce - UFC

The guys discuss Aldo vs. McGregor, Rousey vs. Holm rematch, Klitschko and Fury and much more. The guys are very argumentative this week as well.

Later just a week out from his UFC fight versus Ryan LaFlare, Contender Mike Pierce stops by for a candid chat. 

Nov 29, 2015
TLR #28 - Vanessa Rousso - Poker - Big Brother

The guys discuss Jon Jones returning to the UFC, Meisha Tate making her presence felt, Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto and more.

The guys sit down with Big Brother contestant, GoDaddy girl and Pro Poker player Vanessa Rousso. She is candid about her career, her upcoming marriage to her longtime girlfriend, her time on big brother and more.

Later it is RORO from MMA Stalker with the MMA News and Matt Roblez with RealHeel!

Nov 19, 2015
TLR #27 - Dusty Baker - Washington Nationals

The guys discuss the reason behind Ronda Rousey being brutally knocked out at UFC 193, The state of MMA, WWE and more.

Later Dusty Baker comes live into the studio to discuss his long career and his recent signing as the Washington Nationals Head Coach!

Nov 7, 2015
TLR #26  - George

The guys discuss The New Studio, return of Jon Jones, DC, Nick Diaz, and more.

RoRo from MMASTALKER brings the Weekly Knockout.

Later the guys are joined by 1995 WWE Hall Of Famer George The Animal Steele!

Oct 27, 2015
TLR #25 Al Snow ECW - WWE

The guys are in a goofy mood tonight as they trash talk each other. Lots of topics come up including Lamar Odom.

Later Matt goes solo and talks to Pro Wrestler Al Snow.

Ranasha from MMASTALKER.COM joins the show with the weekly MMA Knockout.

Oct 15, 2015
TLR #24 Michael

The guys discuss Lamar Odom passing out in a brothel and falling into a coma, Nick Diaz receiving enough signatures, TJ Dillishaw leaving TAM and more.

Later the guys sit down for an in depth interview with UFC Contender Michael McDonald.

The guys discuss big changes coming in the show. Matt Freeman Sings.

Oct 2, 2015
TLR #23 Tully Blanchard - Four Horsemen

The guys Discuss UFC Backing Nick Diaz, Uriah Faber vs. Ludwig Feud, School Shootings, UFC 192 and more.

Later The guys sit down with The Legendary Horsemen Tully Blanchard of The Brainbusters. Blanchard talks about his career, The Horsemen, His reasons for leaving WCW and WWE.


Sep 25, 2015
TLR #22 Tonya Evinger - INVICTAFC Champ

The 22nd episode features topics such as Tank Abbott calling out Ronda Rousey, Nick Diaz, Sting and the WWE.

Later the guys sit down with Tonya Evinger who is very outspoken and holds nothing back.


Sep 18, 2015
TLR #21 Evander Holyfield

The guys discuss Nick Diaz and his 5 year suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Comission. Floyd Mayweathers retirement is discussed.

Later the guys interview Evander Hoyfield The 4 Time World Champion.

The guys discuss Sting and the WWE. Why are Attendance figures down?

Sep 11, 2015
TLR #20 Dan Spivey WWE - WCW

Big MF and the VOC discuss The proposed fighter union, the two pending lawsuits against Vince McMahon and the WWE, is the UFC now baning Tapout Tattoos?

Later the guys sit down with the Golden Boy Danny Spivey and discuss Billy Jack Haynes and Spiveys illustrious career.

Afterword Matt and Jim continue to debate Cyborg vs Rousey as well as other hot topics.

Aug 27, 2015
TLR #19  Lisa Marie Varon - Victoria - Tara - WWE/TNA

The guys tak about Ronda Rousey dating Travis Browne, Ricardo Mayorga and Sugar Shane Moseley, Mayweather, Roddy Piper, If Rousey and Fedor made a sex tape.

Later the guys sit down with Lisa Marie Varon of TNA and WWE to discuss her multi faceted career.

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