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A show about sports. MMA/UFC, Boxing, Wrestling. With tons of interviews of Fighters, Athletes, Wrestlers and more. Hosted by The Voice of Champions Jim Cooley and BIG MF Matt Freeman. The guys talk About everything with a lean on MMA and Boxing.
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Jul 30, 2015
TLR #15 Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat Talks About Hulk Hogan

Join Jim and Matt as they sit down with 10x WCW Tag Team Champion Stevie Ray. Brother of Booker T and member of Harlem Heat. He discusses his career and has a very strong take on Hulk Hogan and Racism in America.

The guys discuss The Hogan Incident and UFC.

Jul 23, 2015
TLR #14 Jim Ross Good Ol' J.R. - WWE Legend

The guys discuss the Reebok deal, Jacob "Stitch" Duran being let go by UFC, The state of Pro wrestling and the UFC and much more.

Later the guys sit down with the legendary announcer Jim Ross. JR gives his opinions on current product and the art of selling.

Jul 23, 2015
TLR #13 Larry Holmes - Former World Champion

The guys discuss UFC 189, The "Other" Jim Cooley, Ronda Rousey calling out Foyd Mayweather and much more! Later the guys sit down wth former world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes! It is the return of TLR after the Hiatus!

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #12 Diamond Dallas Page

Join the gang for the Last Round with Diamond Dallas Page. The guys start off the show talking about the upcoming World Series game, Jose Canseco shooting himself in the hand, and the happenings in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Diamond Dallas Page joins the show to talk about starting back to pro wrestling at 35 years old, the Monday Night Wars, DDP Yoga, and much much more.

Don’t miss the chance to hear the inspirational Diamond Dallas Page!

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #11 Zab

Join Jim and Matt for the Last Round with Zab Judah. Jim leads off the show talking about Ernest from Inside BJJ, Chuck Norris, and Tim leaving his producing duties early. Later the guys talk to professional boxer Zab Judah about the ins and outs of boxing.

Later MMA promoter Amanda Perriguey calls in the show to talk about the upcoming Battle in the Burg.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #10 Mike Tyson

Jim and Matt sit down to talk with boxing icon, critically acclaimed film actor, broadway actor, author, and motivational speaker, Mike Tyson.

Mike talks about his upcoming show, “Undisputed Truth” in Stockton, CA and his work with local charities. Mike talks about his upbringing with Cus D’Amato, his favorite knockout, his take on the Diaz brothers, Mixed Martial Arts, and helping a motorcycle accident victim. Mike also talks about his favorite pro-wrestler, his upcoming cartoon – “Mike Tyson Mysteries”, and his good friend Tom Patti.

Tom Patti joins the show to talk about growing up with Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato. Tom talks about why he’s bringing Mike Tyson to Stockton, CA, how to change Stockton for the better, and his 2015 run for County Board of Supervisors.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to Jim and Matt banter with the one and only, Iron Mike Tyson.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #9 Monica Abbott USA Softball Chicago Bandits

Join Jim Cooley and The Last Round as the guys talk about Bellator 125, UFN 52, and domestic violence in MMA. Tim fills in for Autumn Dawn for the MMA Minute.

Professional Softball player, Monica Abbott, calls in to talk about her career in professional softball, playing in Japan and the Olympics, and her hopes for women’s softball in the United States.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #8 Bushwhacker Luke of the WWE

Join Jim and Matt for as they talk about Jim’s recent boxing trip to Las Vegas, MMA news, and much more. Autumn Dawn joins the program for the MMA minute.

Later, WWE superstart Bushwhacker Luke joins the show to talk about his start in professional wrestling, his opinion of Vince McMahon, and the Bruiser Brody incident.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #7 Julianna Pena TUF - Scott Schwartz A Christmas Story

Join Jim and Matt as they talk about all things MMA, Wrestling, and combat! Autumn Dawn joins the show for the MMA Minute to talk about the latest happenings in Bellator and the World Series of Fighting. Matt calls Autumn out for not reporting UFC news.

Later, female Mixed Martial Artist and Ultimate Fighter Season 18 winner Julianna Pena joins the show to talk about her taining and upcoming plans to defeat Ronda Rousey.

Finally, actor and professional wrestling fan, Scott Schwartz from “A Christmas Story” joins to the show to talk to the guys about movies, pro wrestling, and much much more!


Jul 21, 2015
TLR #6 Wes Sims Former UFC Fighter

Join Jim and Matt for the Last Round with Wes Sims. The guys talk about the latest developments in the UFC/Bellator event showdown coming up in Connecticut, War Machine developments, and Dana White’s ranking as a sleazy sports figure.

Wes Sims joins to program to talk about his MMA career, Mark Coleman, professional wrestling, and his disdain for Mike Kyle.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #5 The Honky Tonk Man - Kaylin Walbridge BJJ

Jim, Matt, and Tim talk about Dana White’s latest faux pas at UFC Fight Night 48 in Macau, China by removing ringside judge Howard Hughes. The guys talk about the Giant’s and A’s current records in baseball and the upcoming UFC 177 in Sacramento, CA.

Later, WWE superstar Honky Tonk Man joins the show to talk about his run as the longest reigning Intercontintental Champion, the difference between wrestling in the 80’s and now, and his real opinion on Ric Flair, Jake the Snake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat and much more.

Finally, the guys talk to Jiu-Jitsu competitor, Kaylin Walbridge, about her Jiu-Jitsu competitions, aspirations, and dreams.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #4 Shannon Briggs Former World Champion

Join Jim and Matt as they talk about the Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair Wrestlemania 8 that never happened. Autumn Dawn joins the program for the MMA Minute.

Later Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs joins the show to talk about his fued with Wladimir Klitschco, his upcoming fight against David Long, and much more!

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #3 Shayna

Join Jim and Matt on The Last Round as they talk about War Machine, SummerSlam, the Oakland A’s, and Autumn Dawn from joins the program with the MMA minute


Shanya Baszler joins the program to talk about her upcoming fight against Beth Correia at UFC 177, how the Four Hoursewomen came about, whether or not she would fight Ronda Rousey in the future and much more.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #2 Tony

Join Jim and Matt for another episode of the Last Round. The guys talk about Joe Riggs shooting himself, the Jon Jones Daniel Cormier and Dave Scholler, and the chances of CM Punk moving to MMA.

Jim introduces a new segment, “Dumbest Quotes”, and awards the very first Dumbest Quote to Paul Heyman. Highly decorated championship boxer, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez, joins the guys to talk MMA, Boxing, and bounty hunting.

Jul 21, 2015
TLR #1 Greg

Join Jim Cooley and Inside BJJ Matt for the very first episode of The Last Round. The guys talk about Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva coming up in January, Jessie Ventura’s court case against the estate of Chris Kyle, and the ongoing demise of TNA Wrestling. Later, Greg “The Hammer” calls in to talk about coming up through the ranks in professional wrestling, working for Vince McMahon, his epic feud with Tito Santana and much much more.